appointment checklist


Personal information

· Last years income tax if you are a new client 

· Name, address, Social Security number and Date of Birth for yourself, spouse and dependents

· Dependent Provider, Name, Address, Tax ID and S.S.N.

· Banking information if Direct Deposit Required

Income Data Required

· Wages and/or Unemployment 

· Interest and/or Dividend Income

· State/Local income tax refunded

· Social Assistance Income

· Pension/Annuity/Stock or Bond Sales

· Contract/Partnership/Trust/Estate Income

· Gambling/Lottery Winnings and Losses/Prizes/Bonus

· Alimony Income

· Rental Income

· Self Employment/Tips

· Foreign Income

Expense Data Required

· Dependent Care Costs

· Education/Tuition Costs/Materials Purchased

· Medical/Dental

· Mortgage/Home Equity Loan Interest/Mortgage Insurance

· Employment Related Expenses

· Gambling/Lottery Expenses

· Tax Return Preparation Expenses

· Investment Expenses

· Real Estate Taxes

· Estimated Tax Payments to Federal and State Government and Dates Paid

· Home Property Taxes

· Charitable Contributions Cash/Non-Cash

· Purchase qualifying for Residential Energy Credit

· IRA Contributions/Retirement Contributions

· Home Purchase/Moving Expenses